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Winter Automotive Service Special for 2016

Get your vehicle ready for winter!

Winter service promotion

Winter is here and the snow is coming, winds are blowing and rain will fall, book a winter special and you won’t feel it at all!

WINTER SPECIAL – $129.95* (Reg $189.95)

Our automotive service departments have put together a complete winter service package including:

  • Oil & Filter change*
  • Multi-point Inspection including:
    • Lights
    • HVAC system
    • Suspension (Shocks/Struts/Springs)
    • Steering components
  • Inspect all brakes & record measurements
  • Tire Rotation
  • Starter Testing (Condition & Operation)
  • Alternator/Charging Diagnostics
  • Battery Testing (Service or clean terminals & connections)
  • Add Fuel Injector Cleaner to system

We also know how much precipitation Vancouver Island vehicles have to cope with so our Winter Service special also includes a new set of front wipers*.

This special also includes: lite exterior wash, interior vacuum, wipe down, and wheel cleaning (including brake dust)!

Don’t wait too long to book your appointment, this special ends on Feb 28th 2017!

Combine deals & SAVE EVEN MORE!

Get into the holiday spirit with some additional savings on your winter vehicle maintenance at Galaxy Motors!

Antifreeze flush (Incl up to 6L of global/all types coolant) – $69.95 (Reg $89.95)

radiator with fresh antifreeze

Do you remember the last time you flushed your automotive antifreeze?

Has it been awhile since you serviced your vehicle’s cooling system? Get it done now and save money on keeping your car healthy!

If you’re booking online, just add “Antifreeze Flush” to the service request box at the bottom to qualify for the extra savings!

TerraClean complete Fuel Injection service (Includes two part injector, cat, intake, & O2 sensor cleaner) – $119.95 (Reg $149.95)

If your vehicle has been driven a lot without regular maintenance it may require a proper fuel injection service to restore lost power/efficiency.

While our winter package includes a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to help combat buildup of deposits in your fuel system, this product needs to be used regularly, and is specifically for dirty injectors.

terraclean logo

The TerraClean system is one of the best warranty approved ways to clean dirty fuel systems safely. The 2 part process will target the injectors, intake, oxygen(O2) sensor, and the catalytic converter.

If you’re booking online, just add “Fuel Injection Service” to the service request box at the bottom to get this discount on our Fuel Injection Service.

Service Notes

*Some special order wipers are subject to extra charges, special/synthetic oils, coolant and filters may cost extra. Please ask your advisor if extra charges apply to your vehicle at time of booking.

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