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Why Speak to a Used Car Salesmen?

Experienced Used Car Experts

The value of working with experienced/qualified professional used car sales experts is unquestionable even with all the ‘used car salesman’ jokes.

These are valuable professionals who can make a huge difference in buying a good used vehicle. Plus, they know about all the vehicles in inventory, and the best used cars and trucks never make it to the website!

Clients who watch the website for a specific vehicle could be missing out, as often the nicest, lowest mileage vehicles sell long before an Internet rep can get it listed!

Hybrid Shifter

Ask you the right questions

  • Manual or auto? CVT? For some models this will drastically impact price.
  • Long box, short box, extended cab, sedan, wagon, hatch?
  • What is your real budget? A salesperson can help figure out what your spare cash affords or help you work on that value with financing.
  • How is the value of diesel vs. hybrid with the latest costs of diesel fuel in Canada?

Knowing the vehicles:

  • Need a car with travel comfort that won’t have you limping to the gas pump on a long drive?
  • Need a vehicle with an unusually low demand for service/repairs?
  • Sore From Tavel

  • Convertibles cost more, have higher maintenance, and comparatively worse fuel economy, but if you want to drive with the top down, one which is best?
  • A lightly used VW Passat V6 SEL with a full package is almost the same price as a used Mercedes C250, but which is the better value?
  • Some sports cars are a great deal due to off-lease bargains, a good salesperson will help you find a deal without charging you a ‘dreamy’ price.

Gas Pump

Knowing the market:

  • When are prices low vs. at a premium?
  • Is there something new just starting to hit the used market at great prices?
  • Certain areas have higher demand for a particular type of vehicle that keeps the prices artificially high. If you are moving soon, do you want to pay a premium?

Salespeople at Galaxy Motors

Galaxy Motors wants to offer our clients incentives every step of the way:

  • We go way beyond the competition with listings, with 600+ used vehicles.
  • Customers can use the 5 Locations in BC to choose from we make it easy to get a great local deal.
  • Our service centers offer automotive repairs to all makes and models! We also make it easy to booking automotive service online.
  • Unbelievable prices on used winter tires from out of province trades.
  • Galaxy gives the best prices on trade ins. We even purchase leases that aren’t paid off yet!
  • We work with 16 lenders to make sure that automotive financing is not an issue for our clients.

But one of the best features of Galaxy Motors is the staff! We’ve got real professionals with years of experience and training in the automotive industry!

Client Feedback Counts!

You may have noticed mentions of staff pages and review options. We’re adding those soon and customers are already encouraged to give us feedback via our Google+ Business Pages:

Galaxy Motors – Company (All Cities)

Clients can even leave feedback on the Galaxy Motors Facebook page if that’s easier. Please just make sure to give use the name of the person you’ve dealt with.

We value honesty above all else and Galaxy Motors will use feedback to not only pass on accolades but also to make improvements in providing our customers with the the best deals on used vehicles!

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