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We support CHIMO Gymnastics in Comox!

Proudly Supporting CHIMO Gymnastics

Galaxy Motors Courtenay is sponsoring a gymnastics team/gym in Comox called CHIMO, which was originally established in the late 1960s at Lewis Center in Courtenay.

Photo of CHIMO Gymnastics squad in Comox 2019

The City of Comox built the gymnastics facility at the Comox Community center back in the mid 2000s, which is where CHIMO gymnastics offers classes that start with Parent & tot (age 1 -3), and go all the way up to Adult (18 + up).

The competitive season at CHIMO Gymnastics runs from December to June, and they also offer a new Parkour Class that teaches turning everyday objects into a resource for fun & fitness. No size, skill, or experience is required.

Staying Hydrated – Thanks to Galaxy Motors

On top of a cheque, Galaxy Motors has delivered 600 water bottles to the CHIMO Gymnastics Team in Comox !

“It has been great to have Galaxy Motors recognize the need for the support of local athletes. Having each athlete in our club receive their own water bottle, has been an amazing source of recognition for them. We are so appreciative of the relationship we can build with Galaxy!”
Photo of CHIMO Gymnastics squad in Comox 2019

The girls recently attended the 50th-anniversary of the Phoenix Gymnastics Championships held in Vancouver 2019. This event included 35-40 participants, with each gymnast receiving 3-14 metals in various categories. The youngest metal receiver was just 6 years old!

Galaxy Gives Back!

We’re always looking for ways to give back to our local communities that have supported us for 30 years!

Contact Galaxy Motors

Please let us know if you know of a local Vancouver Island charity/community program that needs some assistance!

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