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Vehicle written off? Get help with your claim!

We’re your Total Loss Experts!

Most people go into an insurance claim process completely blindsided and think they have to take what ICBC initially offers them.

promotion image for auto insurance write off claim assistance CONTACT ONE OF OUR TOTAL LOSS EXPERTS

Galaxy Motors can be a powerful ally in your battle with insurance claims. Don’t let your adjuster tell you that your vehicle wasn’t worth much! Get the real value of your used vehicle from the local professionals!

Get a fair payout!

We’re not lawyers, but we can show our clients what they “should” get from ICBC to replace their written off vehicle. It’s as simple as searching our dealer tools for similar vehicles and then printing off a packet of evidence customers can arm themselves with.

Arming customers with more knowledge regarding their claim will hopefully allow folks to get a much more honest payout for their lost vehicle.

Skip the wait! Drive away today!

We can put our customers into new vehicle immediately, all we need is a promissory note to pay the car/truck off when the ICBC cheque comes in, or we can simply finance your vehicle with no payments and no interest for three months!

Apply for Vehicle Financing

Come on in to your local Galaxy Motors and ask for a ‘Total Loss Expert’ to help ensure that you get a proper vehicle insurance claim payout!

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