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Do you have a used car dealer friend?

Let’s be friends!

People befriend Bankers, Realtors, Doctors, etc.. for good reasons, why not a used car dealer?


Sometimes having someone on your side can make a world of difference.

In most professions we go the extra mile for people we don’t know, and sometimes even for people we don’t like, but bending over backwards is something most of us reserve for friends.

I was in high school with my doctor, we lived on the same street, and frequently gave each other rides home. Somehow it never matters when I’m late for appointments, often he will do things for me without an appointment, and I feel a lot less stress when I need his advice.

Why befriend a used car salesman?

There’s a LOT of things that the Galaxy Motors sales team can do for our clients that isn’t part of our standard customer service!


We’re not talking about small perks, like knowing when the coffee is fresh, or hearing about the latest fall service promotion; Our coffee is always fresh, you can see all of our automotive promotions online, and clients can get updates by following Galaxy Motors on social media.

Pre-Sale Inventory

Do you have a realtor that you’ve befriended to stay in touch with property deals? Most home buyers would love a chance to view a home before it’s listed and try to make an early offer. Why would a used car or truck be any different?

Taking a sneak peek of used vehicles for sale

When we bring cars in for sale we don’t park them on the lot, we don’t dump them immediately on the website, we’ve actually got a very thorough process of safety/history checks to perform before the vehicle can be listed.

What this means is there’s a lot of cars that are available for sale, at lower than listing prices, that the general public can’t browse. So if you’re friends with one of our sales people you could snatch up a great deal before it’s even listed.

Vehicle Selection

Our used car & truck sales teams in each city work as a collective, sourcing vehicles from any city to fit a client’s purchasing needs.

galaxy motors auto finder

The Auto Finder tool on our website is great for matching vehicle buyers to fresh vehicle purchases, but it’s not the same thing as having a friend on our staff that’s eagerly looking out for a specific vehicle you’re hoping to purchase.

Our automotive sales team are professionals with a wealth of experience in selecting the right vehicle for a person’s needs. We know how to assess a vehicle, what to expect for average mileage, and what to look for in a good used car.

Financing Options

We buy and sell used cars for a living, and we see a lot of automotive financing deals. It shouldn’t be much of a shock that we know something about financing used cars!

Used car shoppers tend to focus on the vehicle selling price. This leads some buyers to find out, the hard way, that an older lower priced vehicle often has a much higher monthly payment due to higher interest rates and much shorter term options.


2007 Ford Focus

  • Price: $8,999
  • Documentation fee & taxes: $499
  • Max Financing-Term: 24mths
  • Approved Credit Rate: 9.99%
  • Warranty for Financing: $extra/mth
  • Cost per month: $492

2014 Ford Focus

  • Price: $12,999
  • Documentation fee & taxes: $499
  • Max Financing-Term: 60mths
  • Approved Credit Rate: 4.99%
  • Warranty: 1+ year left
  • Cost per month: $286

Did you know that the cost of financing a cheap older car @ $8,999 vs. financing a newer model for $12,999 could actually work out to a much lower monthly payment? Thanks to the warranty on the newer model the savings can get even higher going with a newer model!

TCO/True cost of ownership is sometimes higher on older models as well. You can research the TCO of prospective vehicles on sites like, but if you have a used car salesperson as a friend, then you’re already in good hands!

Warranty Choices

Most car buyers aren’t very experienced with used car warranties, but our salespeople know which vehicles need extra coverage, and we know the warranty packages that have the best value!

Decorative ribbon
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In some cases, if you’re working with the right leasing agents, the right vehicle warranty will save you money. Guess who knows these handy tips? You guessed right!

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