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Trucks for Seniors

Truck Options for Seniors

senior in a truck pulling a load

While trucks are big and harder to get around the city, sometimes a car just won’t do and you need a truck for that camper, trailer, RV, etc..

Galaxy Motors not only has the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island, we are constantly focusing on ensuring a great selection of used trucks for our customers.

Experience with Mobility Upgrades

We’ve got 30 years of experience helping people get better vehicles that suit their changing needs. We can give some surprisingly honest advice because we want well informed customers who are satisfied with our efforts.

motorized mobility seat for truck

For example, did you know it is recommended to find a vehicle that already has handles inside the doors or other sensitive areas, rather than adding them aftermarket with us? It’s because there are often airbags in the doors of modern vehicles, that you would not want to disturb. The cost of replacing the airbag(s) really makes it something we try to avoid.

In fact, if you need to upgrade your current vehicle you’ll find that the passenger side is much easier to work on than the driver’s side. There’s often way more electronics and driver related items on that side of the truck to avoid.

If you do feel you will need more support when getting out of a vehicle a “Handy Bar” is an inexpensive solution that can be added for extra stability. It is attached to the door striker where the door closes. This simple device is popular with both elderly and younger kids who have to climb up to get into larger vehicles.

In some cases, especially with mini-vans, a ramp is a great idea because you can quickly load/unload your passenger without a chair transfer. For a truck however, you really don’t have enough room to work with a ramp due to height/ground-clearance issues. For trucks we recommend a professional installed rotating chair/lift solution.

Full Accessibility Options

When you need the best, we take our customer vehicles to the best! Locally we work with Silver Cross Automotive who are a nationwide accessibility supplier and installer.

Thanks to our partnership with professional suppliers like Silver Cross Automotive, we can provide Galaxy Motors customers with professional installations of very sophisticated mobility solutions.

Making Mobility Easy to Afford

By shopping at Galaxy Motors our customers can choose to finance their mobility options with their vehicle purchase. We do everything we can to make buying a used vehicle that’s perfect for you an easy and quick process!

Seniors can claim medical expenses on their taxes which can include aftermarket features like turning seats and motorized transfer boards. They may also be able to receive an accessibility gas tax rebate from ICBC.

Truck Brands for Seniors

Wondering what brand cares the most about seniors? None.

It should be no surprise that a truck brand would avoid risking their ‘tough work truck’ image by associating themselves with seniors/mobility solutions. In fact, other than GMC, who’s done a little marketing for some creative mobility features, we’ve found very little manufacturer marketing effort for trucks that suit seniors.

Have a read below to see what we could dig up on the manufacturers. Some of them were easier to get information on, others will take more work, so please stay tuned for updates.

GMC Silverado

Getting into the bed of your truck gets harder as we get older. Lifting your leg up to step on the bumper can be painful with older hips and knees. If the tailgate is down you have even less options to step into the bed of the truck easily.

GMC Silverado corner step bumper

The current year Silverado has a ‘CornerStep’ rear bumper, side rail hand assist, EZ-Lift/lowered tailgate, and optional LED cargo lamps, but even the older models can be upgraded to be very convenient for seniors and retirees. Add-on tailgate ladders come in a wide range of sizes from hidden steps to full-size folding systems.

Our Galaxy Motors auto service advisors can get your upgrades installed quickly and correctly using well-tested components from the most reliable brands. Our company has built up dealer connections that allow us to save our customers the hassle of asking for advice and haggling for the best price. At Galaxy Motors you just need to book a date that works, chat with us about the upgrades, and then we’ll let you know when to come get your upgraded truck, which will be all cleaned up and ready to go.

Ford Mobility & 2019 Ranger

The ‘Mobility Program’ that Ford offers customers purchasing new vehicles does have options for the F-150 and F-350 Super Duty. This service is intended to provide ‘factory fit’ mobility features to customers who have purchased a new Ford in the last 12 months. They do not support upgrades for older models, but the service team at Galaxy Motors does! In fact we often have some great accessibility options for older model Ford trucks that aren’t yet available for the newest model year.

Power assisted seats for accessibility

Ford’s mobility program will install deluxe power assisted seats, hoists, hand controls (gas/brake), steering assists, wheelchair restraints, and more to ensure your new truck meets your needs. They also know this is a very expensive option for someone who just purchased a new truck, so they often have credit programs to offset the high cost of ‘factory’ modifications.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is rumored to have trim options that rival the GMC Silverado, including an easier to manage tailgate weight, side step bumpers, easier to grab rail pockets, and LED based bed lighting for maximum visibility.

Toyota Tundra & Tacoma

During the research work several people were pointing out that both the Tacoma and the Tundra are great options for seniors but the more expensive Tundra, even the full 1794 edition, is void of all common perks.

While the latest Tacoma seems to be ‘in tune’ with a younger audience it’s not entirely lacking options for seniors. Since at least 2017 the Toyota Tacoma has been available with an easy lift & lower lockable tailgate, easy step bumper, and chrome side step bars as options that make this truck great for seniors.

Toyota also has a mobility program like other manufacturers but it’s unclear if they have options outside of the Sienna van model line as nothing is currently available online for any other Toyota vehicles.

Dodge Trucks

Other than a LED lighting system for the truck box, and wheel-to-wheel side steps, the current Dodge Ram isn’t offering a ton of options that would make this truck a recommended choice for seniors.

Side steps on a Dodge Ram

The powerlift tailgate on the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Jeep Compass is a really nice perk for seniors, but neither vehicle will do a good job of towing your 5th wheel.

Shop Used Trucks

Can’t pick a brand? We know how hard it can be to fall in love with perks from multiple brands. You want the interior of one truck with the engine of another, installed in the body of a completely different truck? You’re not alone, it’s hard to find the perfect fit, and sometimes it comes down to a great price/opportunity!

Even if you fall in love with something that you’re sure is outside your price range, don’t give up hope until you’ve spoken to our financing team. Between our unbeatable trade-in credits, and our easy automotive financing, we help our customers drive away in the perfect used vehicle for their needs!

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