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Why is Galaxy the Best Place to Buy a Car?

There are so many reasons Galaxy Motors is the best place to shop for used cars on Vancouver Island that we decided to write them all down!

Because Galaxy Motors is constantly improving to stay the best. Galaxy Motors offers more value to every purchase: With the Galaxy Difference, the customer becomes part of the Galaxy Motors family.

  • 1 Year FREE Oil Changes*
  • 5 Day, 500 kms Owner Exchange Program
  • Lifetime FREE Car Washes
  • Industry Leading 155 Point Inspection
  • Comprehensive CarFax Reports on All Vehicles
  • Full Transparency by Sales Representatives
  • Not Brand Specific! We find you the vehicle you need!

Rules & Limitations

We wouldn’t be able to offer such great perks if we didn’t have some sensible rules. Please note that the following limits/rules do apply to our special offers.


This offer is valid on a maximum of 2 service #1’s and 1 service #2. However, the offer is subject to the manufacturers recommended service interval. This offer expires 1 year from the purchase date or after 18,000 KMs of driving whichever occurs first. Limited to 5L of Oil, and 1 Oil Filter per service. This offer applies to vehicles purchased at Galaxy Motors after November 23rd 2018.

* 5 DAY, 500 KM Owner Exchange Program †

Should any issue arise with the vehicle purchased that we are unable to resolve to your satisfaction, it can be exchanged at the dealership you purchased it from. Subject to purchasing a replacement vehicle as this is not a return policy. In the case of financing, approvals would be subject to lender requirements. We will provide a full credit towards your quality pre-owned replacement vehicle of equal or greater value.

* Lifetime FREE Car Washes ‡

This offer is subject to Galaxy Motors plate frames being on the vehicle. Valid for one Saturday per month between 10 am and 4 pm. Wait times may vary. First come, First Serve Basis. Galaxy Motors Car Wash Check in Must be Completed.

New Customer?

We want new customers to feel welcome and for their used car purchase to go as smoothly as possible so we’re happy to help out with maintaining your vehicle.

But wait! There’s more!

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We’ve been serving Vancouver Island used car shoppers for 30 years! Over that time we’ve figured out what makes a used vehicle purchase special and here’s how!

With the lenders we have to choose from, we can get anyone financed, and in most cases we can help clients who are stuck in a lease for the wrong vehicle. If you are looking to build or improve your credit; our automotive financing specialists are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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