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Takata Airbag Recall – Largest in history!

Recalled Takata Airbags

This is another automotive recall that has seemingly slipped under the radar of motorists?

While Transport Canada has stated they have no Canadian complaints involving Takata airbags, and no Canadian injuries have been related to the airbags, the issue still remains a dire concern that’s getting worse daily. In the US however, there have been 6 fatalities and many injuries.

So far it appears 7 out of 11 manufacturers impacted by the Takata airbag recall are offering VIN lookups to help determine which vehicles are covered. The current estimate indicates that 34 million vehicles are impacted but that number is expected to grow as more manufacturers submit VIN data.

What’s wrong with Takata Airbags?

Takata Corporation is a massive automotive parts manufacturer based in Japan with production facilities in four continents that supply parts worldwide to nearly every vehicle manufacturer.

Takata’s airbags are very popular and represented 20% of the installed airbags in the automotive market in 2014. This also means that in triggering this recall they are also initiating the largest automotive recall in history!

In particular the recall is to address:

Airbags that could explode and potentially send shrapnel into the face and body of both the driver and front seat passenger

In a 2014 announcement Takata came forward and admitted that their Mexican plant in the city of Monclova was responsible for mishandling the manufacture of explosive propellants and additionally failed to properly store the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the defective airbags.

Is your Car/Truck/Van affected by this airbag recall?

Due to how popular this brand is, there’s a very large number of makes and models impacted by this recall.

You can visit the Takata Recalls in Canada page set up by Transport Canada to see a list of makes/models with years.

Knowing for sure that your vehicle is safe will require a VIN code search to determine but most manufacturers are making pages available to easily search your VIN code.

NHTSA has setup a page on that also performs VIN lookups for the Takata Airbag recall and they advise vehicle owners to re-check their VIN weekely.

Are the replacements ‘safe’?

Earlier this week, on June 2nd, Rep.Michael Burgess pressed the NHTSA representative Mark Rosekind to ask the question of the safety of the replacement airbags.

Below is a video from CSpan covering the Takata airbag hearing. The key moment is at ~31-32 mins in:

What we will do is identify if there is an interim remedy. Some of these may not have the longevity needed to make sure it is a lifelong for the entire life of the vehicle fix.

Keep Checking Your VIN!

Following the above clip there is some discussion of further recalls, additional vehicles to be recalled, and the need for vehicle owners to re-check as time goes on to ensure their vehicle hasn’t been added to the VIN list recently.

To be clear, only 7 out of 11 manufacturers have submitted VIN codes to NHTSA and if any of the 4 remaining manufacturers submit VIN codes customers will need to re-check to ensure they are still safe.

Precautions for used car shoppers

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