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Sell Used Cars for Cash

Sell or Trade your car or truck to Galaxy Motors!

It’s no surprise that Galaxy Motors is invested in making the process of buying and selling used cars/trucks easier for both the seller and buyer. We understand how busy our customers are and we want to make sure that we save you time and money when you choose Galaxy Motors.

Sell your car to Galaxy Motors

When customers want Used Cars in Victoria they think of Galaxy Motors, and we want to be handy for both buying and selling!

Sell us your Car

Sell your car to Galaxy Motors

As I am writing this our computer nerds are busy putting the final polish on a new page on our website that allows vehicle owners to easily submit details of used cars or trucks that they have for sale.

Once we know more we can help you sell the car or truck you no longer want for cash or trade on a vehicle that suits your needs better. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a lease or owe money on your current car, Galaxy Motors can work out a deal to help free you from the vehicle you don’t want and get you in a used car or truck that makes you happy. In fact even if you are having credit problems, divorce, bankruptcy, or other financing problems because Galaxy Motors works with 16 lenders to guarantee you the best financing options.

Want to give it a try? Head on over to the Sell us your Car page now.

Auto Finder

Auto Finder

We also recently added our Auto Finder service where you can request a specific vehicle that you’ve been shopping for. Our team of car buyers use these requests to search for specific used cars or trucks that show up at dealer auctions or one our 3 Vancouver Island vehicle lots (we have a lot in Courtenay coming soon!).

Find used vehicles for sale on Vancouver Island
Want a shiny red convertible? How about a used Toyota or Honda sedan with low miles, a manual transmission, and a price within your specific budget? Just fill our our Auto Finder form and Galaxy Motors will do the rest.

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