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Sell Your Car for Cash

Turn unused vehicles into useful money!

sell used cars for cash

Just because driving a vehicle off the lot eats a lot of value, it doesn’t mean that you’re doing yourself a financial favor by refusing to move those used cars off your lawn. Why not let the used car experts sell your car?

We know how to sell used cars!

With 4 locations we have lots of room for showing an amazing range of used cars and trucks!

After 30 years in business, our marketing efforts are very extensive, which means we’ll put more eyes on your ride.

155 Point Inspections + CarProof

We have a 155 point mechanical inspection process we use to certify each vehicle is road worthy, and we fully document the vehicle condition/history to remove as much guesswork as possible.

CarProof logo

Sometimes an ICBC report won’t tell you if a vehicle has been in accidents, registered in other countries/provinces, and other details that could impact the value. We have the experience to understand the value of CarProof reports.

Current issues and after-sales

All of our dealerships have full-service automotive mechanical bays and we have experienced/certified automotive service staff onsite to take care of mechanical problems.

When an issue is dealer related or needs in-warranty service we work with local dealers, but often times we can get automotive parts and service cheaper than the average Joe. Need repairs for your vehicle? Click above to book automotive service online and save 10%!

Tire kickers welcome!

Our coffee is hot and fresh, our staff are happy to answer questions, and our website is constantly getting fresh deals added.

Due to the volume of cars we sell, we have access to wholesale prices at tire warehouses. This means we can sell our cars in great shape, and we are never forced to sell a vehicle at a loss because it doesn’t have good tires.

Easy In House Financing

Used vehicles shoppers at all of our Galaxy Motors locations can buy here and pay here with our in house financing.

Ad image for in-house automotive financing at Galaxy Motors

We make financing so easy that a lot of customers who come in with low expectations leave with a better vehicle than they thought they could afford and a lower monthly rate than they thought was possible!

We need your Feedback – Help us help you!

Don’t think you’ll get good value on a trade? Why?

We’d love to hear from clients who have tips that would help us improve our used car buying process. Customers can also leave easy reviews on our Google business pages by clicking the star rating on any location page (see above).

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