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Retirement Rides

For people facing retirement where they have physical limitations that aren’t impairing their ability to drive, owning a safe, reliable, and comfortable vehicle is still a very important part of life.

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Retirement Rides

Are you trying to plan retirement? Looking for a dependable car or truck that you can drive in comfort instead of being driven nuts?

Choosing the right vehicle for your golden years is easy with expert advice. The team at Galaxy Motors has been helping retirees and seniors on Vancouver Island find excellent deals on used cars and trucks for 25 years!

Vehicles with Visibility and Accessibility

As we get older some things we take for granted, like eyesight and flexibility, become really important. We know this, yet manufacturers are still producing cars with thick roof pillars, bulging hoods, and blind spots that also trade economy/performance for comfort. These designs may look great for Camaros and FJ Cruisers but they make merging, lane changes, long drives, and activities like parking, anything but fun.

Subaru Forester & Outback

Spacious vehicles with low door sills that are easy to step into, these Subarus models are very popular and common around Vancouver Island. Newer models come with lots of features for safety like a backup camera built into the in-dash navigation and Subaru EyeSight for collision detection. All model ages share award winning safety ratings, the highest possible for crash safety. All wheel drive is standard and a welcome feature with our wet slippery highways.
2007 Subaru Forester
Galaxy Motors regularly has used Subarus on sale but these cars are extremely popular and sell quickly.

If you don’t find the vehicle you are searching for please consider using our Auto Finder service.

Honda Accord

The trend with modern sedans to make them sleeker and smaller hasn’t influenced the Honda Accord with its generous interior space, large windows, and fantastic visibility. The 2013 Accord saw a tweak to the exterior design that helped give the car better fuel economy and less wind noise while leaving all the generous views intact.
2010 Honda Accord Ex
At the time of this posting Galaxy Motors in Victoria/Colwood has a 2010 Honda Accord EX in stock for $18,995 + Fees & Tax!

It is also just a single click search for other used Honda Accords in the Galaxy Motors inventory.

Comfortable and Familiar Vehicles

Some of us grew up with big cars and trucks that swaddled us in luxury at the expense of fuel economy/performance. If you feel like modern cars seem to be an array of confusing little buttons packed into small clusters where you’re certain to accidentally press something without noticing, you really aren’t alone.

Chrysler 300

This ode to classic American sedans has been at odds with itself for many years. Between 2005 and 2010 the Chrysler 300 was knocked for marrying a sloppy interior with a luxury price tag. If you compare reviews between the 5 years of ‘blah’, to the current model, you will note the stark contrast between neutral/negative comments about the interior features of the old version compared to a unanimous approval of the very handsome interior that the current model offers.
Chrysler 300 Thumbnail
Rear-wheel drive, a full range of luxury and modern features, major improvements in crash-test safety, and a great combination of handling and braking performance all set this car apart from modern econo-boxes.

The sticker price is still a reflection of the luxury aspects of this car, so getting a Chrysler 300 used is a great way to save money on a very comfortable car. At the time of this article Galaxy Motors Victoria has a 2014 Chrysler 300 Touring Edition for $24,798 +tax & fees. Click here for a full search of used Chrysler 300s for sale at Galaxy Motors.

Toyota Camry

Many people look at the Camry as a smaller, less expensive Toyota Avalon, that offers a lot of the best characteristics in a much more affordable package. Particularly between 2007 and mid 2014, the Toyota Camry was an excellent choice for good interior space, safety features, smooth handling, comfortable ride, and low road noise. The hybrid version was notably refined and actually gets a thumbs up for being reliable and effective, plus it included the folding backseat, an option on the CE and LE versions only.
2009 Toyota Camry thumbnail
The current model year Camry (late 2014 -> 2015) is getting some hard knocks for the very firm ride, wind & road noise, updated front grille, and cheap interior feel.

Galaxy Motors currently has a used 2009 Toyota Camry in the LE trim for $14,999 +tax & fees!

Chevrolet Impala

While the exterior design of the Impala looks pretty modern, even the latest model has a distinct connection to the classic ‘American Made’ style of sedan that a lot of us grew up with. The 2006-2013 models ditch the “Police Cruiser” look and share the “W” platform that GM uses on the Buick LaCrosse, but the 2014 model year is larger, sharing the same FWD chassis that GM uses for the Cadillac XTS.
2014 Chevrolet Impala Thumbnail
Fiddly little buttons are ignored and in their place are large simple controls with physical knobs that make sense to your hands. Even with the size of this car it is easy to drive with ride comfort and interior noise levels that are comparable to a more expensive luxury vehicle. Rear visibility isn’t the best on the 2014 version of this car, but there are lots of options for backup alarms/cameras that can be added to help with this downside.

Looking for a used Chevrolet Impala but we are currently out of stock? Even with the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island, Galaxy Motors sometimes needs to know what our clients want us to purchase. You can use our Auto Finder to let our car buyers know which used vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

What about Trucks, Vans, and SUVs?

How can we talk about roomy sedans and big “American Made” cars without talking about Trucks, Vans (w/Wheelchair Ramps), and SUVs? Don’t worry!

The truth is that we really want to give our customers good information on years/models/features of used vehicles that apply to seniors and retirees, but we know this takes time and patience, just like retirement.

Not to worry! We have already started the next article with a focus on used Trucks/Vans/SUVs that have specific features for seniors and retirees.

Don’t miss the next article!

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