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New Year – New Ride

The ‘New Year – New Ride’ Event from Galaxy Motors is back and bigger than ever!

Losing weight can be HARD!

Make an EASY New Years resolution. Get a new ride from Galaxy Motors.

Lowest prices of the year on the largest selection of used cars and trucks on Vancouver Island.

  • Low 4.45% APR
  • Top dollar on trade-ins
  • $2,000 Cashback O.A.C.
  • No payments for up to 6 Months
  • Prices last until Dec 31st

Just look at the typical list of New Years resolutions:

  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Enjoy life
  • Travel more
  • Save money
  • Get a promotion/better job
  • Learn & get smarter
  • Play less video games

Smoking in a car not only ruins the value, the cost of smoking is high enough that quitting could easily help you afford a nice used car or truck from Galaxy Motors. We would be happy to show you hundreds of shiny 4-wheeled reasons you should quit smoking.

Losing weight is hard

Losing weight can be hard if you’re surrounded by fast food and don’t have a car you can use to go get some healthy/inexpensive groceries. A reliable vehicle could get you out to hiking trails, parks, and other places that are fun to explore while getting exercise.

Enjoying life can be done anywhere, but Vancouver Island, and Victoria in particular, has so many things to explore that are far easier to see with a car that can get you there. Cycling is very popular on the island, but we have many rainy & windy days that shouldn’t be an excuse to be stuck inside/bored.

Speaking of enjoying life, traveling without your own vehicle can be a real bummer. The bus won’t stop & wait if you feel like exploring a town along the highway or decide a local band is worth spending the night to listen to. There’s nothing like tossing some gear in the back of your car, picking up some friends, and going somewhere for some fun and adventure.

kids in van

You really won’t find a better deal on a used car or truck than what’s going to be offered during the Galaxy Motors “New Year – New Car” event. Not only will we save you money, we are giving you 6 Months with no payments.

Are you constantly at the mercy of late or missing buses? Carpooling with people who don’t have a good sense of time? Wondering why you always get passed up for employment promotion? Well there’s no easier way to get to work on time than to get your own vehicle. Make 2015 the year of being well prepared and resourceful, your boss will not complain!

You could learn a lot reading lots of books online, there’s even free online education courses, but for folks that can’t focus/engage outside a classroom, there’s no substitute for in-person learning. Education can be very rewarding and with your own car you won’t let the bus route determine which classes are available to you.

Video games can be an excellent way to vent some stress/relax, but the games aren’t going anywhere, so why not get out and have some real adventure? It’s a lot easier to put down the controller and have some fun with friends when all you have to do is put on some shoes and grab your car keys.

Make 2015 a little different with a car or truck purchase from Galaxy Motors. We not only have the best prices, we also have the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island!

Plus with 3 locations and a 4th opening up in Courtenay, there should be a Galaxy Motors conveniently located nearby.

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