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New Totem @ Galaxy Motors in Duncan

Strange Delivery for a Used Car & Truck Dealership

Your local Galaxy Motors dealership in Duncan had an unusual delivery last week, a giant log!?

log for totem pole being delivered by logging truck

This awesome sight was the delivery of our new totem pole log for the Duncan Galaxy Motors dealership on June 2nd 2016!

New totem log before carving

Take a good look at this giant log because this week it will be carved by well known local native artisan Harold Joe.

Totem Carving Progress!

Our Duncan dealership has reports and photos of progress on turning this once-tree-now-log into a beautiful totem pole! It may not look like much but we’re just getting started!

Totem Carving at Galaxy Motors in Duncan

Bark work bites, but someone has to do it, and this totem won’t carve itself!

Log skinning to prepare for Totem Carving at Galaxy Motors in Duncan

You can start to see how much of the wood that needs to be removed from this massive log by looking at the base of the totem. That’s a lot of hard work!

Totem carving slideshow

The totem carving slideshow above was last updated on Sept 18th 2016. We’ll be adding more photos as the totem carving work continues so check back often!

Harold Joe Totems & Canoes

Harold Joe Sr. began carving at a very young age of 12, learning the craft from his grandparents. Today Harold is very active within the Cowichan community. He’s an Elder-in-Residence for the VIU, does student support services for School District 79, and he’s a support worker for the Breakfast club at Hiiy’yu Lelum.

With over 62 years of carving experience, Harold is more than qualified to work on this beautiful new 30 foot totem that was supplied in partnership with the Teal Jones group.

Renovations to Galaxy Motors Duncan

It’s been a lot of planning and waiting for everything to come together but the Duncan Galaxy Motors dealership is undergoing renovations to serve our customers better!

Duncan Renovations Slideshow

We’re in the new building, setting up our brand new offices and desks!!

The slides above were last updated on Tuesday, Sept 20th, and we are at 39 totem pics plus 180 reno shots for a total of 219 photos! We’ll be adding more photos as the work continues so check back often!

We broke ground for the Duncan renovation work on May 15th, and expect the main construction phase to take almost 4 months with the current wrap up work set for August 30th.

Don’t worry, we’re open for business during the construction work!

It will be business as usual for our used car & truck dealership in Duncan; There’s no rest for success, and we will always be improving thanks to great customer feedback!

Normal Operating Hours

Galaxy Motors Duncan will be open from 9AM to 7PM Mon-Thurs, 9AM to 6PM Fri-Sat, and 10AM to 4PM on Sunday.

Local customers can always check the Duncan location page for current info and they can get Duncan specific dealership updates by following Galaxy Motors Duncan on G+ or the Galaxy Motors Duncan Facebook page.

Great Deals on Used Trucks in Duncan

The most popular used truck for sale in Duncan right now is a used 4WD 2010 FORD F150 XLT that’s in rediculously good shape for the year:

Used 4×4 Trucks in Duncan

In fact, 17 of the 21 used trucks for sale in Duncan right now, are four-wheel drive! There’s only a single 2WD truck for sale, a 2009 Chevy Colorado crew cab for $14,888, which is still a great deal for light-duty pickup:

Looking for the opposite of light-duty? Galaxy Motors in Duncan has a used 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4WD diesel longbox with all the extras at very competitive price of $62,995:
Used Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 for sale in Duncan BC

This truck is an absolute workhorse for nearly any job, and the current upgrades (remote start, bluetooth, backup camera, towing package, trailer brakes/mirrors, reverse park assist, & more) make it much easier to manage this beast! If you shop around, and compare features, you’ll see that this is a great deal for someone needing a serious work truck.

These are just a few of the awesome used pickups that were for sale at Galaxy Motors Duncan when this post was published. To view our current list of trucks for sale in Duncan click the big button below:
view all used trucks for sale in Duncan

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