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Movember Fundraiser 2011

Grow your Mo to help support the Fight for Prostate Cancer. If you support the Galaxy Motors Team we’ll reward you with a car wash! Come on in all month long! update The Galaxy Motors team is off and running for the ‘Grow your Mo Contest’! Colby Perkins has the early lead! Donate on-line for your favorite or come in and donate in person. Every donation comes with a free car wash, Inside and out!!

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Passenger vehicle recall - featured.

Canadian Passenger Vehicle Recalls for November 2020

No one likes to hear that their vehicle has a safety recall notice. They’re unpredictable, unsettling, and can happen at any time. Below you’ll find our November 2020 summary of passenger vehicle recalls. We’ll be publishing this list at the end of each month, so check back again. However, if at any time you wish […]

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