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May Days – Temperatures are RISING & Prices are FALLING

96 Hours of Hot Deals!

From Thursday May 25th @ 5PM to Sunday May 28th @ 4pm, all 4 Galaxy Motors locations on Vancouver Island will be pricing their used cars and trucks to sell fast!

Search Used Vehicles

Ad image for May Days 2017 - Used vehicle sale

No Rainchecks! No Price Holds! This sale ends on Sunday at 4PM, and the best deals won’t last, so don’t wait!

Beat the Heat with GREAT Savings!

With the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island (over 700 vehicles in stock) we can’t be stingy with the promotions! With great inventory comes great responsibility!

When you buy a used vehicle from Galaxy Motors you get:

Don’t forget, we can move vehicles around between the dealerships! If you want a nice red Dodge Ram 3500 from the Courtenay lot, we’ll bring it down to Victoria, or any of our local dealerships on Vancouver Island!

Trades WELCOME! Paid or not!

That’s right! We’re more than happy to help you get out of your current loan or lease that you’re not done paying for.

Sell Your Car

Life is full of change! Sometimes that big huge mini-van you needed last year isn’t as good of a vehicle choice as a nice compact hybrid would be this year. You can get unbeatable trade-in value at Galaxy Motors!

Looking for a specific vehicle?

Want to trade your vehicle for something special? The Galaxy Motors Auto Finder service lets our customers tell us the vehicles they are shopping for!

Auto Finder

We are constantly purchasing vehicles and would love to help you find the exact used car or truck you’re hunting for.

Great Financing

Come see what YES feels like thanks to our in-house automotive financing!

Ad image for in-house automotive financing at Galaxy Motors

With 16 lenders at our fingertips Galaxy Motors can guarantee financing approval. Some down payments may vary, but we can approve everyone!

Get Automotive Financing

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