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Mad Max Extreme Racing 2017 – Sponsored by Galaxy Motors

Galaxy Motors is the 2017 Sponsor for the Mad Max Race Cars @ Saratoga Speedway

The Courtenay division of Galaxy Motors is the 2017 sponsor for all 12 Galaxy Motor’s Mad Max Extreme Racing events at Saratoga Speedway.

This new race series features 4 or 6 cylinder motors only, and a ‘crash to pass’ event that will thrill and excite everyone who comes out to support this community racing event.

To qualify for the 2017 season, teams need a 2 or 4 door front or rear wheel drive (no AWD/4×4), 1985 or newer car/small truck/mini-van, with a front-mount engine (for safety).

2017 Entrance to Saratoga Speedway

Mad Max Extreme Racing Schedule

The series started on May 6th and the Galaxy Motors Mad Max Extreme Racing event was the main event and final race of the night! In fact we’ll be providing the main event for 10 of the 12 night races.


Kyte Delivery Service Night

Galaxy Motor’s Mad Max Extreme Racing Cars will be joined by:

  • Fireworks
  • Season Championships
  • Crash to Pass Cars
  • Hornet Cars
  • Road Runners
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Specific event times are posted on the Saratoga Speedway FB page but most nights the gates will be opening at 5:30pm, Qualifying at 6pm, and Opening Ceremonies at 7pm.

Prices for this season’s racing events are as follows:

  • Adults $25
  • Students $25
  • Kids $15

Supporting Motorsports in Courtenay

Providing Comox Valley with the best deals on used cars and trucks is just one of the reasons we established a local dealership in Courtenay. Sure, we’ve got the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island and need places to show them, but Courtenay was more special than a parking lot!

Galaxy Motors is provide mechanical services to Northern Vancouver Island, becoming more active in the local community, and learning more about the area/our customers that have supported us for the last 25+ years.

Running a successful local used vehicle dealership requires a lot more than just great prices on a huge selection of vehicles. We are all parts of tight knit communities that are made better when we come together to help each other. This is why Galaxy Motors has always been strongly committed to supporting local Vancouver Island events and charities.

Get Free Tickets to Saratoga Speedway!

We have free tickets for each of the 12 Galaxy Motors Mad Max Extreme Racing nights that we need to give away to local Courtenay vehicle shoppers. Come visit the Courtenay Galaxy Motors location in person to learn more.

Google Maps Directions Search Courtenay Used Cars

Mad Max Extreme Racing Details

This event is just like a hit-to-pass race for smaller engines with a Mad Max theme!

Mad Max V8 Interceptor

Mad Max Extreme Racing 2017 event rules/guidelines:

  • 4-6 Cylinder cars, small trucks, mini-vans
  • 1985 to current, no 4wd, turbo, superchargers, and no mid-engine cars
  • All entries should have a theme (ie: Batman or Superman)
  • Cars must be stock other than safety measures
  • Remove all glass/air-bags
  • All hinged parts must be secured
  • Vehicles must have tow hooks
  • Doors must have bars installed/window nets
  • Approved roll cage mandatory
  • Battery must be relocated to a secure location inside the driver’s compartment
  • Only water in the radiator/no anti-freeze allowed

Come see the action, excitement, and vehicle carnage! Also, remember to visit Galaxy Motors in Courtenay for a chance to get free admission tickets.

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