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Living Edge Van Sponsorship 2017

Van Sponsorship for Living Edge Victoria

The Living Edge organization provides compassionate services for the homeless and marginalized residents of Victoria BC. Founded by the Church of Our Lord in Victoria, one of the key missions for Living Edge is donating fresh food/produce to the needy in the CRD region.

Photo of van donated to Living Edge

Galaxy Motors Victoria has teamed up with Thrifty Foods Colwood, Maxxam Insurance, and Speedpro Signs to help replace a delivery van for Living Edge in Victoria.

Living Edge Needed a New Van!

Local pastor, Neil van Heerden estimates that the Living Edge program is responsible for providing over 65,000 local people per year with access to fresh produce. After driving the previous van, a well loved, but overworked ‘beater’, this new van is a major upgrade!

Sold sign on van donated to Living Edge

Thrifty Foods was able to raise ~$10,500 towards the cost of the van as part of the ‘Smile Card’ program which helps local charities and community projects. This made is easier for Galaxy Motors to find a great vehicle to get started on.

After Galaxy Motors had found the perfect vehicle, they treated it to ~$2,500 of reconditioning and mechanical improvements, plus 2 years of automotive warranty, before handing it off to SpeedPro Signs for some free signage. Once the van’s design was done it was handed over to Al Tolsma from Maxxam Insurance in Colwood to assist with free insurance.

Galaxy Motors Community Involvement

We’ve been selling used cars and trucks to Vancouver Island residents for over 25 years and we know it’s all thanks to loyal local customers. So it’s with great pride and respect that we give back to our local communities! Photo of Living Edge Van sponsors

If you work with a local Vancouver Island charity that would be a great partner with any of our Galaxy Motors locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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