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How much mileage should my car have in 2019?

How much mileage should a car have? – 2019 Edition

Have you been searching for how much mileage a used car should have?

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A lot of sources will say, “15,000 Miles per year is normal“, but that’s in miles!?

So is “24,140 KMs” really the average mileage, even for local vehicles sold/driven on Vancouver Island?

Average Used Vehicle KMs in 2018

In 2018 the Vancouver Island used car market had similar averages to 2001, which saw our local residents only averaging ~10,100 KMs per year, which is less than half the published average you’d find online!

Average KMs Per Year

Here are the averages by year, from 2001 to 2018, for used vehicles on Vancouver Island.


Over time, our records have shown local drivers were on a trend of driving more each year than the previous, until we get to 2013 where the trend turns around.

Why did we drive so much in 2016?

Simply put? Gas prices drove our mileage trends in 2016.

This is what a 98 cents per liter gas receipt would have looked like in 2016

98 cents a litre?! It’s a bit like seeing a unicorn and it had a magical effect on our local island driving!

2016 Mileage vs. 2016 Gas Prices

Since 2013 local Vancouver Island drivers have been putting less miles on vehicles with each passing year with the exception of 2016, which was a bit of an anomaly due to crude oil prices pushing the regular gas prices in Victoria down to 98 cents per liter in Feb 2016.

Victoria gas prices vs. used vehicle mileage in 2016

The graphic above helps show what happened to local Vancouver Island mileage in 2016. The line on the graph is the fuel price, and the mileage frequency is represented by colors, where green is less driving and blue is more.

Mileage Stats per Vehicle – 2018 Statistics

This is our latest batch of used car & truck mileage data for Vancouver Island, and like always, it’s sponsored by, which provides us with our automotive feeds service.

Simply pick the year, make, and model that you’re shopping for and you’ll see the average mileage for that specific vehicle.



For older stats, just visit the previous high mileage article we wrote.

Please keep in mind that these are local Vancouver Island used vehicle statistics, so a rare model/year may not have enough data to include it in this article.

Highest Mileage Used Cars/Trucks in 2019

While our previous high mileage article has some older stats, we know our customers will wonder what the highest mileage vehicles on Vancouver Island were in 2019!

2018JeepGrand Cherokee48,647
2016Chrysler300 Touring178,897
2015ChevroletSilverado 3500HD131,535
2013ChevroletSilverado 1500208,782
2012FordEconoline 350254,214
2011FordF-150 XLT 4×4303,218
2008DodgeRam 3500 Crew Cab363,582

We’re hoping to get more data like this for our readers. Stay tuned, follow us on social media, signup for our newsletter, and/or check back often!

Lowest Mileage Used Vehicles For Sale

Wondering what our lowest mileage used cars and trucks are? Here’s some in stock used vehicles for sale on Vancouver Island sorted by lowest mileage.

Highest Mileage Used Vehicles For Sale

High mileage used cars and trucks are still a good value if they are in good shape! Here’s our 6 highest mileage used vehicles for sale on Vancouver Island.

Not All Mileage is Bad

In our previous high mileage article we used a well maintained antique Model-T Ford as an example of how you can’t judge the value of a vehicle by age/mileage.

Understanding vehicle mileage is really important. If you were going to take a one-way road trip, far from any dealerships, and you could only choose between a vehicle fresh off the delivery truck with zero mileage, or a 1 year old vehicle with perfect service records, you’re far more likely to have no hassles with the proven good vehicle than you are with an unowned vehicle that’s potentially full of issues/could be a complete lemon.

Used Vehicle Inspection is Crucial!

The 155 point mechanical inspections aren’t just marketing for our vehicles, it’s a crucial step that we need to take to ensure that we buy the best vehicles on the market.

photo of a Galaxy Motors technician inspecting a vehicle

We love to make sure your buying experience is fun, easy, and enjoyable, but we wouldn’t have 30 years of automotive sales success on Vancouver Island if we didn’t inspect each used vehicle thoroughly by trained technicians before purchase!

Get the Right Used Vehicle

As we mentioned above, mileage isn’t everything, but your opinion is the most important. If you see something you don’t like about one of our vehicles, high mileage, the wrong color, not enough seats, etc., we urge you to keep on shopping vs. settle!

With over 700 used trucks and cars for sale on Vancouver Island our customers can be picky! Don’t worry about which Galaxy Motors lot has the vehicle, if you find something you love, let us know and we’ll transfer it for you!

Can’t find anything in stock? Please let us know with our Car Finder service! We’re constantly purchasing inventory and, if we know what to watch out for, we’ll use our buying power to get amazing deals on unique vehicles our customers are looking for.

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