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Good days for used car browsing in Victoria-Colwood?


Residents in Victoria can probably relate to the hassle of getting somewhere in town to find that everyone else had the same idea.

While Galaxy Motors in Colwood-Victoria doesn’t have a crystal ball to predict when customers will flow through our doors we can tell you that the best shopping is when the weather is nice. It’s not just for people wishing to stay dry, good weather makes it much easier to review the quality of a used vehicle’s exterior. If you are shopping for a used car or truck on a budget, and you are considering financing options, Galaxy Motors is a very good choice. With 16 lenders to choose from, we can assure you of the best financing options for purchasing a used vehicle. In fact if you contact us in advance we can do our best to ensure that you can beat the crowds by reviewing financing options before you’re here on the lot with everyone else. Are you watching the kids? Our Colwood-Victoria used car dealership and service center are right across the road from the Juan de Fuca Recreation Center. Have a look at their pool/track schedule for drop-in friendly programs that the kids will love. All three of our dealerships in Colwood-Victoria, Duncan, and Nanaimo are online and we are constantly updating our inventory to help you find the best prices on used cars or trucks. Posted by Galaxy Motors Colwood-Victoria.

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