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Going Green at Galaxy Motors

Going Green Initiative

Galaxy Motors is taking steps to reduce our environmental impact!

We all care about the environment and here at Galaxy Motors, it is no exception. That is why we have started the Going Green Initiative, to reduce waste at the company and become more energy efficient.

4 Vancouver Island Locations

With multiple dealerships, we can make a big impact! The biggest change to date has already been completed at all 4 of our locations!

We even have an RV dealership open in Duncan and we’ll be pushing our efforts to go green to them as well!

No More Balloons

We no longer use balloons at Galaxy Motors!

Balloons have been successfully used for years to draw customers attention and sell cars. But these bright cheery balloons come with a risk to the environment that Galaxy Motors can no longer support.

No More Helium

Let’s not forget that balloons waste helium, a precious gas with limited supply concerns*. Helium is used for cooling medical equipment like MRI scanners so we need to make sure we don’t waste it.

Making the future better!

dealership flags to draw attention to used cars for sale

As of July 2018, you will now see Flags at our 4 locations to let the public know when we are having a special Sale or Event!

LED Dealer Lamps

Another ongoing change at Galaxy Motors locations across Vancouver Island is the exterior street lighting. Any light bulbs that need replacing, in any of our 4 locations, are now always replaced with LED lights.

Energy efficient LED replacement light fixture

LED lights consume less electricity and are much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers, and wasting less electricity on excess heat.

LED replacement bulbs are also sturdier! LED bulbs are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage meaning we’ll be throwing out less dead bulbs as waste.

Even More Green Efforts!

Earlier this year we also replaced our heat pump at our Galaxy Motors Nanaimo location with a better, more energy efficient version. We also have been replacing our pressure washers, when needed, with electric versions. Our Duncan and Victoria locations have been using electric pressure washers since 2017!

Used Electric Cars

In 2017 our Victoria location installed a rapid electric charging station, and we are offering used electric vehicles for sale on our lots. Most recently we had a Toyota RAV4 Electric and an Electric Nissan Leaf amongst many others.

electric vehicle charger

Many of our future building plans consider environmental impact, which is why we plan to include solar and other energy efficient solutions. Keep an eye on our Galaxy Motors blog for more information about our plans for the future of Galaxy Motors. We all want to live in a better world; Galaxy Motors recognizes its environmental impact, is striving to make changes, and be better.

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