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GM Ignition Switch Recall: 100 Dead

There’s been some big automotive recalls, like the Toyota gas pedal recall of 2009-2010 that was linked to at least 37 deaths & applied to over 4 million vehicles sold worldwide, and Ford’s transmission problems where 12 deaths & over 100 accidents were tied to faulty transmissions slipping from park into reverse.

Crashed Car

Without control or safety mechanisms vehicle owners are at a much higher risk for fatal accidents.

Not all the recalls are so dire but there have been so many that the US Department of Transport actually had to make a recall search tool to track them all.

GM Death Toll Hits 100

On Monday, the 11th of May, Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney overseeing the compensation fund for victims, published an update on deaths and serious injuries tied to the case which brought us to the official current total of 100 deaths due to GM ignition switches.

In GMs case the big recall is on their ignition switches and a problem with how strong the “switch detent plunger” mechanisms are. This mechanism is supposed to provide just the right amount of torque to handle the car keys moving in the ignition without triggering the ignition to switch off.



The lack of torque in the “switch detent plunger” is causing specific GM ignitions to switch off, sometimes while the vehicles are driving, which disables both control of the car (power steering/power brakes) and also disables the safety equipment including airbags & anti-lock mechanisms for the brakes.

The combination of sudden control loss + disabling safety mechanism is the one-two punch that’s driving the recent fatality statistics.

If you currently own a GM vehicle you can get straight facts on models impacted by the recall from this official General Motors ignition recall website.

GM’s official website is offering some good advice for all vehicle owners:

To reduce wear & stress on your ignition you should have your ignition key on a separate ring all by itself.

If you have a large keyring with a lot of items on it that swing off the ignition key this will constantly wear on either the ignition or the key. Even your keyfob/alarm remote should be on another ring to minimize the wear on your ignition switch as much as possible. Some drivers are using a lanyard between their ignition key and main keyring so that they can’t forget their key in the ignition.

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