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Galaxy Motors now offers in-house financing

You shop here, you should be able to buy here. Down payments may vary, but EVERYone is approved at Galaxy Motors!

  • Have you been told no by your bank?
  • Have you been told that the vehicle you want is too old to finance?
  • Do you make money, but you’re missing proof of income, like pay stubs or your notice of tax assessment?
  • Are you new to the country and just have no credit at all?

Galaxy Motors can help. Apply online today or come see us today and ask about our unique financing opportunities.

Get the Best Automotive Financing Rates

We constantly beat the competition on selection, price, and quality of vehicles for sale at Galaxy Motors. However, what good is a great vehicle at any price if you don’t have the money to buy it? After 25 years of selling used vehicles in BC we know the value of making sure our clients have the best possible options for financing a vehicle purchase and we’re very proud of what we offer!

  • Galaxy Motors works with 16 automotive lenders to guarantee our clients the best options for financing a used vehicle.
  • We have the experience to help clients choose a payment plan that matches their budget, lifestyle and choice of vehicle.
  • Our easy and flexible finance options cover all types of credit problems, even bankruptcy/divorce.
  • Feel secure and comfortable knowing that we offer some of the most competitive interest rates around.

Are You Stuck in a Lease?

Getting a great rate (currently @ 4.45% APR!) on financing is nice, and finding the perfect vehicle at an unbeatable price is excellent, but what if you’re currently putting all your spare cash into an existing lease? No problem!

Not only does Galaxy Motors purchase cars; proudly offering some of the best deals on trade-ins, we can also purchase cars and trucks that are still on-lease and not yet paid off!

Completing Your Car Loan Application: What papers to bring?

We really want to make it easy for you to get a great deal on a used vehicle that you’ll love. If we could, we’d just hand out loans on a pinky swear and a smile, but trust us, we can’t get away with that one.

What we are doing is bringing the lenders to you, and we use our 25 years of experience to make the process as quick and easy as possible!

In order to secure the lowest possible interest rate there are a few things that you can do to help:

  • Bring your last two pay stubs with you, a void cheque, or a pre-authorized debit form.
  • If you’re a pensioner, or are on disability, please bring in your T4Es and three months of bank statements showing the deposits going in regularly.
  • If you’re self employed, you will need your most recent NOAs (notice of assessment) and three months of bank statements showing your payments going in.

Testimonials: Awesome Feedback & Reviews!

Our success speaks for itself. We encourage our customers to let us know how we did, especially if they have a concern or suggestion on how we could serve you better.

Here are some reviews from clients that were very happy with the financing that we were able to provide them for purchasing a vehicle:




You can read more reviews on our reviews page, or by visiting your local city on our G+ and Facebook Business pages. Here are all of our dealership locations: