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Galaxy Motors – Sing 2013

Do you notice how some songs just get stuck in your head? Sometimes all it takes is a few lines from a popular song?

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.
You got mud on yo’ face. You big disgrace.
But I would walk 500 miles…
Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world.

Back on April 1st 2013 Galaxy Motors did a Sing-Along Commercial with our staff that seems to be a bit “catchy”:

Galaxy Motors loves to have fun! But we also love helping customers find great deals on used cars and trucks!

Need More Singing?

We didn’t stop in 2013! We have made our Staff Sing-Along a yearly event!

The Galaxy Motors Staff Sing-Along for 2014 was great! Have a watch or even listen, if you dare to risk getting a jingle stuck in your head.

There’s also a 2015 Staff Sing-Along and you can find all of our commercials in our advertising/videos area or by visiting the Galaxy Motors YouTube channel.

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