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Children’s Miracle Network – Doing our part for the kids!

Last week we were paid a visit from a couple of the managers at the Courtenay Costco next door to our dealership.

Galaxy Motors in Courtenay does extend our employee discount program to Costco staff, but these ladies weren’t looking for a great deal on a used vehicle, they had walked over to visit us for a really good cause, The Children’s Miracle Network!

Galaxy Motors Gives Back

We are as local as a business can get. With 5 BC locations, 4 of them on Vancouver Island, a local team of hardworking staff, and 25 years in business!

Our $750 Galaxy Motors employee discount offers are appicable to:

Galaxy Motors has always been deeply invested in giving back to the local community and participating in charitable causes.

In fact, in recognition of our 5 locations, and 25 years in business, we’ve committed $525 to sponsor a Children’s Miracle Network balloon on the wall of the Courtenay Costco. This was a really nice way to help because Costco has agreed to match our donation balloon.

Children's Miracle Network Donation Balloon@

All the local balloons will be on display between April 27th and May 31st, 2016! Come on over for a visit, make a donation of your own, and see who is giving back in your community.

Heck, the Courtenay Galaxy Motors is right next door, which is great if you are looking for unbeatable deals on used cars and trucks in the Courtenay/Comox Valley Area!

What is the Children’s Miracle Network?

Back in 1983 the Children’s Miracle Network started as a partnership between Marie Osmond & her family. Along with the Osmonds the network was backed by some really great people like John Schneider (Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard), Mick Shannon, and Joe Lake.

With over 32 years of charity effort, the Children’s Miracle Network has raised a grand total of USD $4.7 billion for its network of over 170 hospitals in the US and Canada.

Each year, thanks to support from organizations and individuals, the Children’s Miracle Network raises over USD $250 million to support our hospitals!

Helping Locally

All the money raised for the Children’s Hospital Network in BC goes to our local Vancouver BC Children’s Hospital.

BC Children's Hospital

As the province’s only full-service health centre dedicated to children, our local Vancouver BC Children’s Hospital is accessible to nearly one million children, and it provides physician to over 162 outreach clinics in 17 communities in BC.

In fact the BC Children’s Hospital receives over 230,000 visits from more than 85,000 sick and injured children each year from across BC and the Yukon. With McMaster Children’s Hospital in Ontario serving 210,000 children, our local BC Children’s Hospital is responsible for the largest number of children compared to any single hospital in Canada!

How To Give

For us it was easy, thanks to our neighbors at the Courtenay Costco collecting for the Children’s Miracle Network. Matching our donation made giving easy so a big thanks goes out to Courtenay Costco for the generous offer!

Visit your local Children’s Miracle Network Partner

Here’s a short list of major Canadian CMN sponsors:

  • Costco Wholesale
  • TD Bank Group
  • RE/MAX Canada
  • Dairy Queen Canada
  • Air Canada Foundation
  • Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive for Kids
  • Walmart Canada
  • Microsoft Canada and Xbox Canada
  • Marriott Hotels Canada
  • PartyLite Gifts Ltd.
  • Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73
  • SMS Equipment Inc.
  • The Brick Ltd
  • Subway Canada
  • KFC Restaurants Canada
  • Funding Innovation
  • IHOP Restaurants Canada
  • GNC Canada

Wear a #MiracleBand

If you visit you will be re-directed to the #MiracleBand page where you can sign up for a free band that will show your support for the Children’s Miracle Network.

By signing up for a free #MiracleBand you also have the option to subscribe to CMN events and that’s where further opportunities for giving to/supporting the charity come from.

Supporting Each Other

Galaxy Motors couldn’t have grown as big as we have, with the largest selection of used vehicles on Vancouver Island, without the support of our customers.

Giving back to our communities is just one of many things we do to say, “Thanks”, for all the support and ongoing customer loyalty. We know we wouldn’t be where we are without happy customers.

Galaxy Motors would love to hear what you think of our dealership!

We have a Google business page for Galaxy Motors Courtenay, and it’s a great way to leave feedback/give us a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for your support! ď‚‡

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