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Cash for Clunkers – 11th Annual Used Vehicle Sale

Cash for Clunkers 2019

For the 11th year running, Galaxy Motors is proudly announcing the one and only, genuine, original, Cash for Clunkers Used Vehicle SUPERSALE!

Each year we run this sale as a way to help Vancouver Island customers get guaranteed trade-in credits on unwanted ‘clunkers’. This year guarantees $2,000 minimum and up to $4,000 for junk vehicles that may not even drive and need a tow*.

On the 11th anniversary, the Cash for Clunkers sale runs from Sept 6th to Sept 30th at all 4 Galaxy Motors locations, including all of the Galaxy RV locations on Vancouver Island.

Taking ALL trade ins!

If it used to be a vehicle, even if it still works, we’ll take it! But if you need a tow, give us a call!

old rusted vehicle

That’s right, we’re taking any junk vehicles, they can be rusty, dusty, smelly, and difficult to look at, but you’ll still get a minimum $2k trade-in credit on vehicles priced $8k or more*!

Not Just Victoria!

Sure, we consistently have the best used cars for sale in Victoria, but we want the entire island, from Sooke to Sayward to feel free to bring in whatever they can, even if it’s your riding mower, ATV, motorcycle, moped, go-cart, snowmobile, or scooter. Running or not, we even have the tow in covered!

Honestly, really and truly, anything you want to bring in on trade will qualify for no less than $2,000 (and up to $4,000!) as trade-in credit on any of our used vehicles worth $8,000 or more at any Galaxy Motors location between Sept 6th and Sept 30th.

Don’t Forget About Galaxy RV

Don’t NEED another car/truck? No problem! Thanks to Galaxy RV locations on Vancouver Island, you could apply the guaranteed trade-in credit to an RV, fifth-wheel, motorhome, or trailer for sale at Galaxy RV!

Galaxy RV Logo

Since the same great offers apply for using your clunker to get a great big discount on an RV you could trade in twice and get a great deal on a used truck to pull a great deal on a new RV!

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Sure, the 2019 Cash for Clunkers used vehicle super sale gives our customers the best prices on the largest selection of used cars and truck on Vancouver Island for almost the whole month of September, but the best deals won’t last, so don’t wait long to take advantage of this offer!

featured blog image for used car sale

You’ll want to get that clunker down to your nearest Galaxy Motors dealership as soon as possible to browse the best used cars and truck for sale!

*$2,000 minimum trade in credit only applicable on vehicles priced $8,000 or more (does not apply to consignment listings), and must trade up in model years. See dealer for details.

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