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CarProof – What is the benefit?

CARPROOF is now called CARFAX

In October 2018 the CARPROOF service rebranded to CARFAX! You can read more about it in our ‘Carproof is now CARFAX‘ article.

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You’ve found a nice used car or truck for sale and your want to purchase it but you have questions:

  • Was it a rental?
  • Has it been in an accident?
  • Has it been taken to a repair shop for an estimate for repair?
  • Is it a Canadian car or has it been in the US?
  • What are the details of the car when it was imported from the US? Mileage?
  • Has the car/truck been stolen?
  • Is there a lien, bank loan, lease, or other claim on the car?

If a vehicle has been damaged in an accident where the owner does not report the accident to police, nor to ICBC, and instead gets that vehicle repaired at their own expense, this hides the accident from the vehicle history report you would collect from ICBC/Police.

How would you know if a car/truck has been in an accident if there was no accident recorded?

Well CarProof tracks all activity for a vehicle VIN code :

  • Accidents, Repair Estimates, Police Reports, and more!
  • Liens or Legal Claims on the vehicle
  • Canadian & US Registration Details
  • Stolen Vehicle Checks to ensure your car/truck has no history of theft
  • Detailed Import Reports that tell you more about vehicles that are imported to Canada

Why does Galaxy Motors purchase a full CarProof vehicle history report for every vehicle we sell?

When you consider the details that can be omitted by just looking for police reports/ICBC records alone, the answer is obvious! CarProof reports make sense and save Galaxy Motors customers from hidden facts before they make the purchase of a used car or truck. Because of the laws in BC some dealers only pull a CarProof report if the vehicle has been previously registered outside the province of BC. This is a risk because if a collision was caused while visiting a different province or state and BC insurance was not at fault, there would be no record of it with ICBC. Even when there is fault for a BC driver sometimes travel insurance kicks in, sometimes its the other drivers insurance, and sometimes its merely a quote where then the offender pays cash. Either way there are lots of legitimate examples where an ICBC report alone can miss accident damage in a vehicle history. Look at this very recent example below. Here is a comparison of ICBC and CarProof accident reports for a 2010 Mazda 3:

This is the ICBC Report for our 2010 Mazda 3 VIN# JM1BL???17757


This is the CarProof Report for our 2010 Mazda 3 VIN# JM1BL???17757



You can see why having a CarProof when purchasing a used car or truck is so important!

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