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CARPROOF Is Now CARFAX | The Value Of Our Used Auto Reports

CARPROOF has recently changed their brand name to CARFAX. This change was implemented in order to align CARPROOF (The best source of auto data in Canada) and CARFAX (The industry leader in the U.S.) in order to better serve customers by focusing on the globally known CARFAX brand. Read on to learn more about this brand name change, as well as the many benefits of these detailed used car history reports.


A Comment From VP of Sales at CARFAX

The VP of Auto Sales had the following to say;

We want our customers to know that this is a change in name only. Our partners will still receive the comprehensive history and valuation information they have come to expect from CARPROOF. This decision was driven by our commitment to continuous growth and will allow us to provide better products and services to a greater audience.-Shawn Vording




The Value of Used Vehicle Reports

When one is considering purchasing a used vehicle, it’s important to know history on the vehicle, other than just the mileage. Consumers should be aware of any liens on the vehicle, past collisions if any, and even look into where the vehicle has been, whether its is from another province, and more. Below are the main benefits of these used vehicle history reports.

Past Collisions

The report will touch on if the vehicle has been involved in any accidents or collisions.

Service History

If the vehicle has been serviced for any issues whatsoever, the report will touch on that as well.

Lien Status

Vehicles can have liens on them as well, so the report has a section on this too.

& More

Other valuable information can also be reported on, like if the vehicle was stolen, and more!



The Bottom Line on CARFAX & Their Reports

CARFAX is the new brand name replacing CARPROOF, but the high quality of information that is found in their used vehicle reports will stay the same. A lot of time and money is invested into gathering the data included in these reports, so consumers should definitely use them during their search for a “new” used vehicle. The reports are supposed to collect all of the history information that can be found on a vehicle. These used vehicle reports provided by CARFAX should be included along with other steps like test driving vehicles and also getting a mechanic to look over the vehicle as well, to get the best results.

We highly encourage that you review these detailed reports while shopping for a new used vehicle. Our inventory of used vehicles all come with a free report! Search our inventory by clicking the link below. 


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