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Can Galaxy Motors shop for a specific used car?


Let’s say you live in Duncan or the surrounding Cowichan Valley area and your needs are specific:

  • Within your budget
  • 4 star crash rating minimum
  • Hatchback for easy loading/un-loading
  • AWD for your steep un-paved driveway in the spring rain
  • Low mileage or proof of mechanical upkeep
  • Red. The paint must be bright red.
The first thing Galaxy Motors can do is help you sort out a budget by reviewing your financing options. The Galaxy Motors dealership in Duncan can give you access to our 16 financial lenders which ensures you the best options for finding a used car or truck. Experienced car buyers at Galaxy Motors know the important vehicle specifications, so if you want crash safety, excellent traction, and a well maintained car, they can certainly focus on vehicles that offer those features. Often times a really well maintained car is a better value than a car that hasn’t seen much use. Moving parts wear and have a lifespan, so a lack of maintenance records can be an unknown issue waiting to be discovered. Have you seen the fog on the Malahat Mountain drive? While white might have been the best-selling color of car in 2013 nobody in Duncan is going to blame you for wanting a bright red car. That’s your choice and Galaxy Motors can help you find the used vehicle that you want. The Galaxy Motors buyers are always trying to find the best used cars and trucks for our 3 locations on Vancouver Island. We are the largest independent used car dealer on Vancouver Island and our buyers have exclusive access to dealer only car auctions. Why not let us know what sort of used vehicle you are searching for? Posted by Galaxy Motors Duncan

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