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Buy Here, Pay Here – In House Automotive Financing

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With over 25+ years in used vehicle sales on Vancouver Island, we know that making it easy to finance a used vehicle is crucial.

Everyone Is Approved!

Down payments and terms may vary, but we can approve everyone who buys from Galaxy for automotive financing.

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Who Qualifies?

Everyone who buys from Galaxy Motors qualifies, but in particular we’re looking to help people who have some surprisingly common financing issues.

empty pockets

Recently Divorced?

Are your assets tangled up in a recent divorce? Still dealing with paperwork that puts doubts on your financial health?

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Traditional lenders might not understand automotive loans well enough to find a way to make the financing work, we’re your local Vancouver Island automotive lending specialists!

Single Parent?

Single moms and dads are often living off a number of small income sources where no single income source is large enough to qualify for a vehicle loan.

Pile of coins

At Galaxy Motors we can take the time to review all your income and get you an auto financing package that suits your situation.


Do you have a pile of invoices but no bank statements? We get it, and we can help you get into a good used car or truck.

overdue invoices

Retired or on a Pension?

Are you retired or on a pension?

Retired person saving a coin in a piggy bank

Have you been declined for automotive financing because pensions are a non-garnishable source of income? Galaxy Motors can help!

Behind on Taxes?

Paperwork can really hold up a used vehicle loan, and some clients are missing tax paperwork, T4 slips, or other items needed to complete taxes.

Revenue Canada tax forms

Are you new to the country and lacking an income history/paper trail? Galaxy Motors works with every client to get a solution!

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