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BG Fuel/Air Induction Service

Along with a few high quality fuel system products, the BG Vehicle Injection Apparatus provides a highly effective cleaning of the entire fuel and intake system. Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform a BG fuel system service on your vehicles intake system.

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Why is Induction Service recommended by our qualified technicians?

Gasoline quality has proven to be inconsistent. When gas at the pump is poor quality, it can cause deposit buildup, inefficient combustion and poor power output. Most engines today are built smaller, lighter and demand higher output. These engines are extremely sensitive to minor changes in clearances. This often causes issues when deposits build up on fuel injectors, intake ports, intake valves and in combustion chambers.

The way our engines today are designed, even the smallest amount of deposits can cause reduced fuel economy, overall performance and drivability issues.

  • Restores performance
  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • Increases power output
  • Reduces exhaust emissions


BG Fuel/Air Induction Service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection PlanĀ® if the initial service is performed at Galaxy Motors within 160,000 km. To maintain coverage, get a BG Fuel/Air Induction Service at Galaxy Motors every 25,000 km!

Win a Free $100 Gas Card

From Aug 1st to Aug 31st, every purchase of a BG Fuel Induction service is entered to win a $100 Gas Card at each Galaxy Motors Location!

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Winners will be contacted and must agree to a photo with contest entry. Purchase of a Fuel Induction Service is necessary to be entered to win.

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