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Best used car deals in Victoria

Let’s say you take the time to read the newspaper every morning for deals on used cars in Victoria BC. You might be wondering how Galaxy Motors could have a better used car deal sitting on one of their lots?

How can Galaxy Motors Victoria offer the best used car deals?

It seems like an insane boast: Best Used Car Deals! … but Galaxy Motors has SURPRISINGLY great prices on an unbeatable selection of used cars and trucks!

A cat looking very surprised

Don’t forget, Galaxy Motors maintains an inventory of over 700 used cars and trucks thanks to having multiple lots in Victoria-Colwood, Duncan, Nanaimo, and Courtenay!

How possible is it that someone might have a private used vehicle that’s worth far more than their asking price?

Honestly, with the used car buyers that Galaxy Motors has on Vancouver Island, and the constant great deals that show up in their inventory, unless your paper is delivered by a flying pig, I would say the odds of you finding better deals anywhere else are slim to none.

Better prices on used vehicles? When pigs fly!
If you can find better used car prices in Victoria…

You can still be the early bird with Galaxy Motors!

The best used car deals are so good they don’t even last long enough to be posted online or in a newspaper.

By working with one of our used car sales experts and letting us know what sort of car/truck you want to purchase we can help you discover great deals. With our new auto finder you can get started right now!

In the years that our sales staff have lived in Victoria, working with the used car market, we have never seen a pig fly, but we have seen countless great deals on used vehicles fly off our car lots.

We have also seen a lot of clients who tried to find an honest private seller with a used vehicle for sale only to end up with a used car or truck that was not properly inspected for mechanical issues or they discover the vehicle has other accident/title/registration problems.

Why take risks or spend time searching elsewhere when Galaxy Motors purchases a CarProof report for every vehicle? We also have the largest inventory of used cars and trucks on Vancouver Island, plus 16 automotive lenders to choose from!

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