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Best cars for Nanaimo residents


Nanaimo is such a remarkably beautiful city with a diverse population of residents. The proximity to both Vancouver and Victoria makes it an excellent place to settle in for family or work.

Residents wishing to explore the island’s natural wonders, or travel around in the backwoods of the interior will likely find that a vehicle with all-wheel-drive or a similar traction assist feature to be very handy. If you live on a narrow street, or you ride the ferry a lot, a neat tip is to look for a model with collapsible mirrors, as this will save you from many costly accidents and repairs. Some vehicles even have motorized and automatic features if you are willing to look at luxury brands. Fog is an ever-present issue on the island and can be especially dangerous in areas of the Malahat mountain section of the Trans Canada Hwy. A vehicle with fog lights and electric mirror defrosters will help with all that moisture and make your daily drives more pleasant. All these features and options could be a real hassle to find if you aren’t looking at a large selection of used cars and trucks. Since Galaxy Motors is the #1 used car dealership on Vancouver Island with the largest selection of used vehicles, we highly recommend paying us a visit if you are searching for a used car or truck in Nanaimo. Posted by Galaxy Motors Nanaimo

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