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Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

Why do I need an Oil Change?

photo of automotive synthetic oil change

Conventional oil changes remove harmful contaminants and replenish the additives that have been depleted.

Motor oil is made of 75-90% base oil and 10-25% additives, these additives protect the mechanical equipment and base oil.

The main uses of motor oil are to reduce friction which cools and lowers heat transfer. Neglecting to change your oil or using a low-quality motor oil can lead to sludge forming inside your engine.

What’s the difference between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil?

Synthetic Oil is has been through additional chemically engineered process for it to perform better in automotive combustion engines.

Synthetic motor oil is designed with a lower viscosity which means it has more flow. It has continuous movement when the engine is starting, at its lowest temperature when the conventional oil would be at its thickest, and when it is running when conventional oil would be at its thinnest. This flow means that it will perform better in cold weather, and allow for a smoother and cooler engine operation.

Which Synthetic Oil Do I Need?

photo of engine oil bottle label

Synthetic Oil always has 2 numbers on the label, these 2 numbers indicate that it is a multi-grade oil.

The first number on the oil bottle is used to determine the exterior temperature the oil will be performing at. This first number is typically followed by a W for Winter. This number should be very low if you are living somewhere very cold.

The second number refers to viscosity at higher temperatures. Vehicle owners would want the second number to be higher so that it would still lubricate the engine parts when running at a higher temperature. This is important to note because oil that is too thin does not flow properly between metal parts. Any metal rubbing together can cause the engine to seize.

If you have any questions about the oil specification for your vehicle, it can often be found on the owner’s manual or the top of the oil cap.

How often do you need to change your Oil?

photo of automotive Synthetic Oil For Sale

Historically owners needed to change their oil depending on the season. With today’s technology that is no longer the case. Owners can now judge depending on wear, rather than the season as long as they make sure that the oil is appropriate to the engine and environmental specifications.

The Base Oil used in synthetic is multi-grade which means that over time it will not break down as quickly as conventional, which means more horsepower and better mileage.

Oil Changes become more important the higher the mileage on your vehicle. At around 120,000 km’s your engine seals can become worn or hardened. It is important to have the high-temperature performance along with the chance to reduce leaks and oil consumption.

Oil changes are the owner’s opportunity to address any concerns and prevent future distress. If you have any questions or comments about your specific engine, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our service advisors are ready and willing to help.

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