Automotive Service

WINTER SERVICE SPECIAL $149.95* (Reg $199.95)

Road Trips, Xmas vacations, skiing, and whatever else you have planned this winter, we have a piece-of-mind service special designed to keep your vehicle maintenance hassle free with one simple appointment.

2018 Winter Automotive Service Special
  • Oil & Filter change*
  • Multi-point Inspection including:
    • Lights
    • Cooling system
    • Suspension (Shocks/Struts/Springs)
    • Steering components
    • Inspect all brakes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Starter Testing (Condition & Operation)
  • Alternator/Charging Diagnostics
  • Battery Testing (Service or clean terminals & connections)
  • Add Fuel Injector Cleaner to system

We also know how much precipitation Vancouver Island vehicles have to cope with so our Winter Service special also includes a new set of front wipers*.

This special also includes: lite exterior wash, interior vacuum, wipe down, and wheel cleaning (including brake dust)!

Don’t wait too long to book your appointment, this special ends on Jan 31st 2019!

Combine deals & SAVE EVEN MORE!

Get into the holiday spirit with some additional savings on your winter vehicle maintenance at Galaxy Motors!

Do you remember the last time you flushed your automotive antifreeze?

Has it been awhile since you serviced your vehicle’s cooling system? Get it done now and save money on keeping your car healthy!

automotive radiator with fresh antifreeze

Antifreeze exchange (Incl up to 6L of global/all types coolant) – $79.95 (Reg $112.95)

Save the mess, let our team of professionals help make sure your cooling system is ready for the changing weather.

If you’re booking online, just add “Antifreeze Flush” to the service request box at the bottom to qualify for the extra savings!

Rough idle? Poor performance? Low power? Declining fuel economy?

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, your engine could have carbon buildup.

Thumbnail image for automotive induction service promotion

Problems like these are caused by excessive amounts of carbon in the engine, which can occur as early as 15,000 Km! The BG system is one of the best warranty approved ways to clean dirty fuel systems safely. The 3 part process will target the injectors, intake, oxygen(O2) sensor, and the catalytic converter.

BG complete Fuel Injection service (Includes three part injector, cat, intake, & O2 sensor cleaner) – $119.95 (Reg $149.95)

While our winter package includes a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to help combat buildup of deposits in your fuel system, the BG complete Fuel Injection service doesn’t need to be applied as regularly, and is for more than dirty injectors.

2016 escape valve before cleaning
Before: 2016 Ford Escape 1.6L 31k valve
2016 escape valve after cleaning
After: 2016 Ford Escape 1.6L 31k valve

If your vehicle has been driven a lot without regular maintenance it may require a proper fuel injection service to restore lost power/efficiency.

If you’re booking online, just add “Fuel Injection Service” to the service request box at the bottom to get this discount on our Fuel Injection Service.

Service Notes:

*Some special order wipers are subject to extra charges, special/synthetic oils, coolant and filters may cost extra. Please ask your advisor if extra charges apply to your vehicle at time of booking.

Automotive Service on Vancouver Island

Get full service automotive repairs & mechanical service for all makes & models at !

Customers needing automotive service can come to their nearest Galaxy Motors location on Vancouver Island to get vehicle repairs/maintenance from fully equipped professional mechanics.

Galaxy Motors Automotive Service Centers

It all started with the original Galaxy Motors service shop located on the Island Highway right across the road from the Juan De Fuca Recreation Center:

Galaxy Victoria Automotive Service Bay
This is the Victoria/Colwood Auto Service area


Today Galaxy Motors auto repair shops offer some of the lowest labor rates of any dealership in BC. Our mechanics specialize in auto repair diagnostics and offer a range of services:

  • Auto maintenance & tune-ups
  • Oil changes for cars & trucks
  • Brake service
  • Radiator and Coolant service
  • Exhaust repairs/upgrades
  • Automotive warranty work
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • All types of service/repairs
Professional mechanical service

Not only do you get professional mechanics working for the best rates, Galaxy Motors in Nanaimo has a licensed Ford diesel technician on staff to tackle Powerstroke diesel engine repairs.

Oil Change Service Packages

Want to save some money on the maintenance and care of your vehicle? With the Galaxy Motors oil & lube automotive service packages you can pay one low price and get all the common services for your car or truck in a single visit.

Maintenance Packages Service #1 Service #2 Service #3
Change oil & filter checkmark checkmark checkmark
Multi point engine inspection checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lube all locks and hinges checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lube run channels checkmark checkmark checkmark
Inspect all lights checkmark checkmark checkmark
Inspect tires & adjust tire pressures checkmark checkmark checkmark
Top up all fluids as required checkmark checkmark checkmark
Four wheel brake service checkmark
Rotate tires   checkmark checkmark
Inspect Cabin filter   checkmark checkmark
Inspect cooling system   checkmark checkmark
Service/Clean all battery connections     checkmark
Charging system, Battery & Starter testing     checkmark
Inspect all suspension & steering components   checkmark checkmark
Add Fuel injector cleaner   checkmark checkmark
Wash and vacuum vehicle checkmark checkmark checkmark
Service Time (incl. 0.5hrs for Wash & Vac) 1.5hrs 2hrs 3hrs
Premium bulk oil (Cars, Vans, Trucks & SUVS) $59.95 $124.95 $224.95
Fully Synthetic oil (Cars, Vans, Trucks & SUVS) $89.95 $149.95 $249.95
**Taxes and shop supplies extra.**

Service Package Notes:

* Note: GM requires using Dexos oil on all 2010 plus vehicles in order to ensure powertrain warranties are not affected.
Note: Synthetic oils are automatically used when the dealer recommends to do so, or warranties may be voided.
Note: Special filters, over 5L of oil used, and Diesel vehicles, are all subject to extra charges.
Note: Inspection only – No tire or wheel removal required with these service tiers.

Full Warranty Approved Automotive Service & Mechanical Repairs

All our mechanical service centers excel at providing a complete range of automotive repair and maintenance. If you require a complex service with specialized tools/equipment, our shop can arrange the work providing clients with a one-stop solution to almost any automotive repair needs.

warranty approved automotive service center

In for a bigger automotive service or vehicle repairs? Galaxy Motors offers free local drop off and pick up, plus we have loaner cars and temporary rental vehicles. Book an appointment at our auto garage today!

At our mechanic shops we offer experienced & knowledgeable advisors/automotive technicians, and complimentary coffee or water while you wait. Ask us about auto detailing and vehicle washing after service.