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6th Annual Cash for Clunkers – Colwood, Duncan, Nanaimo

Starting on September 10th 2014 all the Galaxy Motors locations will be participating in the 6th annual ‘Cash for Clunkers’ event where you can bring down a used vehicle for a guaranteed $2,000 trade in credit.

Push, pull, drag, tow, roll, sail, haul, coast, fling (okay perhaps no flinging), or even drive a vehicle down to any Galaxy Motors used car dealership on Vancouver Island and get a guaranteed $2,000 trade in credit.

used camper for trade in credit

Is your car or truck ready to be trashed?

That old RV with tires that won’t hold air sitting on your back lawn?

Don’t let it camp out any longer!

Bring it to Galaxy Motors for a minimum $2,000 trade in credit against a used car or truck.

Not sure your vehicle qualifies? We don’t care what it is!

Cars, trucks, motor homes, boats, scooters, and more!

Come see us in Colwood-Victoria, Duncan, or Nanaimo.

We’ve got the largest inventory of used vehicles on Vancouver Island!

Looking for something specific? Just ask and we’ll be glad to check!

cash for clunkers advertisement

Nobody does it like Galaxy Motors!
Guaranteed $2,000 credit!
Up to $4,000 maximum trade in value!
On the spot financing!

cash for clunkers happy woman ad

Get back some space, and put a smile on a someone’s face, by trading in that used vehicle¬†you have hanging around the place.

Still not sure your clunker will get you the $2,000 trade in guarantee for a used car or truck?

Lets go over this again and break things down:

This event runs until September 30th 2014 so get your clunker in gear and get to your nearest Galaxy Motors for this awesome trade in deal!

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