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4 Crazy Car Trends to watch for in 2015

2014 Was a great year for Galaxy Motors and 2015 promises to be an even better year with a brand new dealership opening up in Courtenay and many big things planned for the new year.

The automotive world saw 2014 ramping up towards some crazy car trends that are sure to continue to be popular in 2015:

  • Plasti Dip
  • GPS users that are lost
  • Flying Cars
  • Driverless Cars

Plasti Dip Craze

This one isn’t all that new but it is getting more popular each year and it’s anyone’s guess how far ‘dipping’ will go in 2015.

Essentially you can coat a whole car in Plasti Dip for under $400 (much less with rattle cans) without doing much in terms of prep work and if you don’t like the results you can just peel it back off without harming your car’s exterior. Some artists are painting vehicles with light shades of plasti dip and then drawing on the surface before applying a clear seal.

This allows people to try unusual colors on expensive vehicles..
Plasti dip pink Nissan GTR

There are many videos showing the downside to this craze where some users take the ease of use a bit for granted and then theres examples where you can do advanced effects like color changing:

Clearly a fun way to play with your car’s style or potentially a cheap fix for a used car with bad paint? Plasti Dip makes an excellent protector that’s easy to remove if you want to temporarily coat your wheels/rims for winter driving.

GPS users who don’t learn the city they live in?

This is an interesting phenomenon where research has shown that driving with the assistance of a GPS navigation unit can cause your brain to not bother learning. It’s been studied for a few years now and the growing adoption of GPS in both new and used vehicles is a cause for growing concern.

Driver in Car using GPS unit

To quote a research publication by Véronique Bohbot, PhD., neuroscientist at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and associate professor at McGill University:

When we find our way in the world, we rely on one of two strategies. One is spatial strategy, in which we build cognitive maps using relationships between landmarks to help us determine where we are but also help us plan where we want to go (for instance, you will memorize the spatial relationship between the market, home and school such that you can take shortcuts when going to novel destinations).

The other one is a stimulus-response strategy, which is kind of an autopilot mode (after some repetition, you make a series of right and left turns out of habit like going to work every day using the same route. Sometimes you get there out of habit without knowing what you saw on the way). When you use a GPS, you don’t necessarily use your spatial memory.

Flying Cars – Are they actually here?

Yes. You can stop asking where your flying car is, we have those now. There’s also hoverboards and jetpacks but those still have way too many limits beyond casual financial concerns.

We already had the dubious Moller Skycar which looks like it will become vaporware, and now the AeroMobil 3.0 was shown off in October to stunned audiences around the world as a fully working (soon-to-be) street-legal plane that you could drive from home to the hangar or drive home from the hangar with over 400KM flight distance.

Have a look at the official demonstration video to see how polished this vision has become:

While it’s not yet a retail product, AeroMobil has been working on this vehicle since 1990 and have promised they won’t rest until they have delivered a final product in 2015. Exciting stuff!

Driverless Cars – Electric self-driving cars from Google are ready!

In Dec we saw many news outlets showing off a ‘final version’ of Google’s all-electric self driving car prototype. The news was frustrating in that we already knew most of the details and testing of the new car within California has been limited to private test tracks.

Not everyone is keen on a car that will park itself and come fetch you on command, there’s a lot of folks worried about these cars:

“Surely with unpredictable human drivers on the road we would need all cars to be self driving?”

“How does Google know where pedestrians are walking? Will the car just get stuck if a pedestrian stands in the road?”

“When the computer crashes will the car crash too?”

Any merit these concerns have quickly become amusing when we realize the same limitations apply to current cars driven by humans.

One of the best reviews I’ve read is also one of the most funny, posted by none other than Matthew Inman (AKA: The Oatmeal), after taking some time away from his Tesla Model S to try the new prototype.

Google is unphased by all the questions and is busy making sure they have places to park these awesome new cars.
Google car parking with solar panels

Going crazy with used cars

If all that tech has you laughing at how crazy some people are you’ll be happy to know that Galaxy Motors has lots of deals coming in 2015 where you will be able to purchase used cars and trucks at crazy low prices.

Heck some of the deals we will be running in 2015 will leave you with enough spare cash to afford real paint vs. plastic, or if you want a car with a wing, you can get one and skip the pilot’s license.

If you aren’t worried about memorizing your route, plenty of newer model vehicles on our lot have built in GPS to do the navigation work for you.

We can’t promise any self-driving vehicles but with the prices we’ll be offering on used cars and trucks in 2015 these vehicles will be flying off the lot!

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