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2020 Push Pull Drag Sale – Used Cars, Trucks

2020 Push, Pull or Drag Event* is still on!

During this time we are aware that people need access to safe and reliable transportation. That is why all Galaxy Motors locations are offering Concierge Services to our customers for the next while so they can be confident in their ability to safely purchase a vehicle.

Customers will now have the option of having a vehicle brought to their home or work for test-drives as well as the option to complete paperwork remotely.

Galaxy Motors staff will also be increasing our efforts to sanitize our buildings and vehicles. This includes: multiple routine cleanings of door handles, computers, accessories, telephone, washrooms, and countertops, and signage for proper handwashing techniques.

Vehicles will continue to be thoroughly cleaned after every test drive.

†NOTE: This offer is only valid on Galaxy Motors used vehicles priced $10,000 or more.


4th Anniversary – Push Pull or Drag Used Vehicle Sale

The chance to get a GUARANTEED $2,020 trade-in credit* on any used vehicle for sale over $10k is back again!

This year, we’re not going to distract this popular event with anything except used cars, trucks, and SUVs from Galaxy Motors! Galaxy RV will participate in other sales events, but this one is just for Galaxy Motors locations!

March 6th – March 31st

We’ve extended more than just the guaranteed trade-in this year! Customers will be able to take advantage of this used vehicle sales event from Friday March 6th, all the way until Tuesday March 31st!

As we always remind our clients: Don’t wait too long! The best deals on used trucks and cars will not last!

Let Galaxy Motors Sell Your Vehicle!

Why go through the hassle of putting your used car or truck up for sale? The low offers, no-shows, and runarounds just aren’t worth it when Galaxy Motors has the experience and staff to get top dollar for used vehicles! This is the reason why we can give our customers unbeatable trade-in deals!

Selling a used car on your own could be endless hassles!

screen capture of unwanted used vehicle seller emails

With 4 used vehicle dealerships on Vancouver Island, we can reach a larger audience, we have more options to ease post-sale concerns, and our mechanics can help with maintenance + service needs. Galaxy Motors is a smart option when it comes time to trade-in your old clunker!

Push Pull or Drag – Previous Years

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years for this amazing sales event! Time flies when you are helping customers get guaranteed trade-in credits on an unbeatable selection of used cars and trucks!

Push Pull or Drag 2017

Way back in 2017 we held the first annual Push Pull or Drag sales event, which wasn’t big on details but still offered a guaranteed $2,017 trade-in credit!

Push Pull or Drag 2018

Then we had the 2nd annual Push Pull or Drag event in 2018 with Galaxy RV included for the first time, and we explained the promotion a bit better, offering $2,018 of guaranteed trade-in credit to anyone buying a vehicle over $8k.

Push Pull or Drag 2019

The final year for Galaxy RV in this event was the 2019 Push Pull or Drag Sale, where we offered a minimum $2,019 for any vehicle that could be transported to a dealership for trade-in.

*NOTE: This offer is only valid on any vehicle priced $10,000 or more. See dealer for details.

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