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2019 Push Pull Drag Sale – Used Cars, Trucks & RV’s

Looking for the 2020 Push Pull or Drag sale? Just click this button:

Get $2,019 trade in credit for any car, truck or RV*

Our customers have spoken! Due to popular demand we are extending this year’s sale to March 24th!

*Don’t forget, Galaxy RV is part of this sale!

From March 6th to the 24th, all Galaxy Motors locations (Victoria, Duncan, NanaimoCourtenay, and Galaxy RV) will be offering a minimum of $2,019 trade-in credit* on any used vehicle that you can push, pull, or drag into your nearest Galaxy Motors dealership.

*NOTE: this offer is only valid on any vehicle priced $10,000 or more.

Push, Pull, or Drag! We Mean it!

If you can start it, tow it or push it onto a trailer, we’ll give you at least $2,019 on a trade in.

Featured image for the 2019 Push Pull or Drag used car sales event

We’ll even take campers and RV’s at ANY of our locations. Don’t hesitate, call that wrecker and haul that heap of metal our way to get yourself a sweet trade in deal on a new ride, so long as it’s at least $10,000. We’re pretty much hacking 25% off the sticker price and all you need to do is fire some starter fluid into the carb and roll it down to us, kicking and sputtering!

March 6th to March 24th

Our customers get extra time to shop this year thanks to an early start for this sales event, and a later end date! Everyone should get a chance to take advantage of the $2,019 trade-in credit! But don’t wait too long, the best deals won’t last!

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