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2019 JDRF Walk For A Cure

Join Galaxy Motors for our 6th annual fundraiser event supporting the JDRF in the fight against type 1 diabetes! This year we’re also getting support from our Galaxy RV locations!

JDRF community charity event

The 2018 Galaxy Motors JDRF team raised $2,200.00 and the plan for 2019 is to raise over $3,000 to help fight type 1 diabetes.

2019 Galaxy Motors JDRF Fundraiser

For each vehicle sold at all Galaxy dealerships in May, including Galaxy RV locations, we will purchase a $10 JDRF paper sneaker to display on our wall in support of T1D research. On top of our donations we will be encouraging our customers to put sneakers on the wall as well, with a $10 minimum donation per sneaker.

Why We Raise Money For Type 1 Diabetes

Despite active research, type 1 diabetes, a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, has no cure. While it can be managed, and with proper treatment, people with type 1 diabetes can live long and healthy lives, there’s still hope for a cure.

Unlike the more common Type 2 diabetes, where the body becomes resistant to insulin, type 1 diabetes patients still have normal insulin resistance but their bodies aren’t making enough insulin.

Galaxy Motors Clients Support T1D Research

Each year Galaxy Motors encourages our customers to make a donation to help fight T1D by purchasing a paper sneaker for their local dealership wall. Here’s some photos of customers who have made a donation to fight T1D in past years:

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