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1.8 Million RAM Trucks Recalled in Latest Safety Notice

On December 21, 2017 FCA, which is the parent company of Fiat and Chrysler Motor Corp, announced a wide sweeping safety recall that affects almost 1.8¬†million units of the RAM Truck line. We mentioned this in our December Recall article, but after the recent media coverage, we thought we wanted to spend a little more time on it as some of you may have one of these popular trucks in your driveway and we’d love to help you get some free work done.

RAM Recall Featured

On affected vehicles, the shifter can be moved out of park without depressing the brake pedal and doesn’t even need the key in the ignition. Just imagine what an overactive dog could do. Or even a couple rambunctious kids fooling around in the cab while you chat with a neighbour.

While there haven’t been any deaths attributed to the fault, there have been several injuries and many accounts of accident and damage.

This recall is only targeted at those vehicles with steering column mounted shifters. Those with rotary type shifting and floor mounted shifting are not affected. This issue appears to occur only when the interior temperatures remain high for prolonged periods. This may also be related to an electrical malfunction. When this happens the brake-transmission shift interlock (BTSI) fails and removes any safety locks placed on the shifter.

To check whether your RAM Truck is affected, visit this page and enter your VIN number: Ram Recall Search.

The list of affected vehicles are as follows.

RAM 1500 – [2009 – 2017]

2013 RAM 1500

Example of a 2013 RAM 1500


RAM 2500 & 3500 – [2010 – 2017]

2017 RAM 3500

Example of a 2017 RAM 3500


RAM 4500 & 5500 – [2011 – 2017]

2012 RAM 4500

Example of a 2012 RAM 4500


Here are some additional resources where this recall is being discussed

Do you think you might have an affected RAM Truck? Don’t forget to test your VIN# at This Link. If you need a hand finding your VIN# we’d be happy to help. It’s also on your vehicle registration papers.

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